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J + J's Engagement Ring

'I am the third sibling of three who entrusted Charlie with crafting a wedding ring, in my case it was for the engagement. I knew Charlie had done a great job with my brother and sister however I was worried that my request would not be straightforward. My brief centred around a very large Citrine I found on a French river bank as a small child. I wanted it to be the central feature of the ring which was set with small diamonds around the band - Charlie and I swapped ideas and tackled the challenge of how to set the Citrine. She drew up designs, which hit the nail on the head, and I sent her the stone - throughout the process she has been both communicative and collaborative which has resulted in a ring exactly how I wanted. My fiancee adores it and to me, it's elegant considering how big the stone was. In short she completed a special dream I'd held for 20 odd years.'


S + A's Engagement Ring

'Charlie designed and made the perfect engagement ring for my fiancé.

She was such a joy to work with at every step of the process, helping me to narrow down my options and explaining everything as we went along. Her experience and obvious talent as a jeweller meant I could totally trust her to advise me on the look of the ring and best stones and metals to use. Her friendly, down-to-earth and easy going demeanour made me feel assured and much calmer than I would have been otherwise. Needless to say, my fiancé (who said yes!) absolutely loves the ring and still shows it off all the time. I’d 100% recommend her to anyone. Thank you Charlie!'

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M + J's Engagement Ring

'I love my engagement ring more each day. I know that Charlie did such a great job of balancing her creative knowledge with my husband’s vision (even consulting a few very close friends to cement the final design) and the result is completely unique but with some tradition weaved in. Only she could make that happen!

She’s managed to do the same with my wedding band; wearing them side by side is very special.'

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J + R's Engagement Ring

'My partner proposed to me in June 2020 during lockdown! Beforehand, he contacted Charlie, knowing that I loved her jewellery but also that I would love to have an input into my ring design. Charlie sent some beautiful drawings, showing various options, which I opened at the proposal. Over the next few weeks, Charlie helped me come up with a design I loved, and when the ring arrived it was perfect! Just what I had wanted.

We were really pleased with the whole experience.'

I + J's Engagement Ring

I + J's Engagement Ring

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