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The concept + shape of worry stone’s is the inspiration for the Worry Collection, their use has been recorded in many cultures, from ancient Greece to Tibet, from Ireland to the Americas. Psychologists now use them to offer relief from anxiety, PTSD, + even panic attacks, sometimes calling them ‘Anxiety Stones’ or ‘Grounding Stones’.

The soft pads of our fingers + thumbs are amongst the most sensitive areas of our bodies, + the soothing effect of holding pleasing shapes + textures in our hands, gently feeling their surfaces + contours, has long been recognised by many cultures + traditions. Prayer-beads, worry stones, rosaries + malas all make use of the mind-body connection that enables physical actions + sensations to influence our thoughts + feelings. 

The Worry collection is a series of pieces designed around the idea that jewellery can be a comfort to wear, as well as being beautiful. It’s weight grounding you, it’s shape + texture a way to self soothe.

Every piece is available in Recycled or Fairmined precious metals + responsibly made to order in Brighton by Charlie Carr-Gomm.

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